Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Argenta #1

'Argenta'....okay, so much for getting creative with titles :p. Sometimes it is better to be just straight out with it..."it is what it is" so to speak. I don't think a title is necessary, or at least not with this painting. You will take what you want from this. Most obvious is that it is a country road/farm road (on private property in this case....yes, I trespassed) that is so common, just about anywhere really. The trees and building are vague enough as to not really be location or time specific. Just an inviting country scene. One can almost feel the cool shadows while standing there looking down the road to the midday sun beating down. Pert near makes you wanna' run out for some lemonade, don't it! Hee hee :).

Back on a more serious note, I think the image is somewhat metaphorical as well. Looking down a road...maybe to a destination or not. The bright light beckoning beyond the shadows, and perhaps safety of the trees. Do I want to venture down there or not? What or Who is down there? Maybe I should head back? Who hasn't enjoyed such a spot at sometime or another? I find myself in such places quite often....and not always in a true physical sense. That might explain the vacant look I often have on my face :). I've followed a road somewhere. Is it speaking to your subconcious yet, your consious, your anything yet? 'Buy me, buy me..."

Well, in any case, I hope you enjoy the painting. It is a 5" x 7" oil on paper. Yes, on paper...paper that is made to take oils. It is available for purchase. Let me know if you would like to permanently gaze at this 'road less traveled'. Email me at rtist6162@aol.com.

"All Nature is but Art, unknown to thee; All Chance, Direction, which thou canst not see". Alexander Pope

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  1. Love the pianting and the ideas expressed. It's good to remember to look down the road - especially when thinks get hurried or harried.

  2. Thanks, Betsy...appreciate you stopping by.